Loving Life in Lambs Valley


Nestled into the side of a lush green hill at Lambs Valley, you’ll find James Barben and Chloe Piggford happy and relaxed in their tranquil yet hilly 100 acre hideaway.

The pair both have relatively demanding jobs and although the move from Singleton to Lambs Valley added at least 40 minutes to both of their days, the trade-off was well worth it, with the property offering them the relaxing lifestyle, breathtaking views and solitude that they love.

The first time they drove up the driveway they knew this was the place for them, and they followed through making an offer that very day.

The property itself was well established and set up perfectly for their needs, so they were pretty happy that they could move in and start enjoying the place from day one.

A year and a half later, they’ve now decided to do a bit of work on the fences to raise their own cattle.

They’ve also got the start of a vegie garden growing, some chooks up the hill, and bee boxes ready to house their first hive in the next few weeks as the weather warms up.

With backgrounds in environmental science, the lifestyle of living off the land strongly appeals to Chloe and James and they’re looking forward to being a little more self-sufficient down the track.

They currently enjoy swapping food from their garden with the neighbours and make an effort to use local produce including free range Kapsali eggs if their hens can’t keep up with their needs.

Entertainment wise, it seems weekends are most enjoyed at home maintaining the place, watching the wildlife, relaxing on the wide verandahs, swimming in the pool, hiking the mountain behind the house or even paddling around the dam.

Chloe admits that with the views and creature comforts at home there’s just no point in even bothering with a spa weekend away or a weekend health retreat, as they’ve got the best views and everything already there – except for the massage treatment.

They also appreciate the abundance of native wildlife on the block including wallabies, echidnas, pheasant coucals, wedged tailed eagles, satin bower birds, and red-tailed cockatoos.

Apart from the fauna, they can enjoy another one of nature’s treats; with a stunning waterfall just a stone’s throw away.

Although they appreciate their home’s seclusion and serenity, they’re also lucky to have moved into a really friendly community at Lambs Valley with some great neighbours.

They met their closest neighbours the first night they moved in, greeted with delicious homemade food to make the rigors of moving that little bit easier.

James appreciates that the close-knit community watches out for each other, staying up to date via a facebook page always ready to lend a hand, advice or tools to neighbours that need it.

The verandahs and deck area by the pool create a seamless flow from the living area inside to the outdoor living space.

Chloe comments that the living area doesn’t need to be large in a house like this, as the majority of their spare time is spent outside anyway, but with the beautiful bifold doors open you could be excused for missing the line between the inside and outside living area.

The house itself is a simple homestead style brick home, making the most of wide verandas
to protect from the summer heat. The clean lines of the simple modern kitchen are complemented beautifully by the industrial style pendant lights and the old-fashioned wood fire in the loungeroom.

There is no need for lavish styling in this house, as the ample windows provide views to the mountains in almost every direction.

James loves the fact that although the mountains stay the same, the view is different every day depending on what the weather is doing and how the sun is affecting the fog or mist rising through the valley.

It’s obvious that Chloe and James have hit the jackpot finding their dream home in the perfect location, so it’s no surprise that when I ask Chloe, formerly from Queensland, if she’d ever move back, the answer was a resounding ‘Never’.

Although their work offers them opportunities all over the country, and likely the world if they were interested, both Chloe and James agree that this is the perfect place for them, one of the few places that offers the ability to build a strong career and enjoy pristine nature all at the same time.

This is one place that is definitely NOT FOR SALE.