Shep calls it a day


It is easier to smile than it is to frown.

That is the mantra from former Singleton Council CBD caretaker Graham Sheppard who called time on his role on Wednesday.

Affectionately known as ‘Shep’, he admits he enjoyed his 17 years in the position; yet his initial memories are starting to blur.

“I remember little bits and pieces from day one,” he recalled.

“I was with the department of main roads for 14 years and then I just bummed around for ten or so years after that.

“Then this job was advertised in the local newspaper and I thought I could do that so I had a couple of clever people write up a few CVs and that, then did the job.”

His close friend Michael Akrill believes the outgoing caretaker deserves all the recognition which comes with his long tenure.

“Not just for his efforts here but everything that he has done with the football club and preparing cricket pitches over time as well,” Mr Akrill explained.

“Those ten years before he was working for the Council, he probably had four jobs where one was for five hours and one for three hours and so on.

“Then at times, Shep claims he doesn’t do a lot but you only have to look at the main street and it is clean and tidy and the shop keepers are always happy.”

Throughout his reflection, Shep admitted he took ‘a fair bit of pride’ from his achievements in the role but it was time for a change.

“As Gough Whitlam once said, it is time,” he continued.

“I was chewing on this for about a year and then I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago.

“There has got to be something different out there and I just have to find it and life will take me where it wants to take me.”

We then asked advice for his successor.

He responded with cheek.

“I had to work it out for myself so the next bloke will have to do the same,” he concluded.