Recognition for Meakes


Scone’s Yasmin Meakes is a proud teacher, farmer and sporting talent.

Those in our region have cast the spotlight on the 27-year-old from the 2018 Rugby Sevens World Cup right until her NRLW debut with the Sydney Roosters in 2020.

Yet it wasn’t until this month, when interviewed on Nine’s NRLW coverage, that her four-hour drive from home to the Roosters’ training was brought to the attention of a national audience.

“I feel like my body is used to it,” she told NRL on Nine.

“I feel a little tender in the mornings when I have been sitting in one position for a long time but I have the passion for this team and this sport so I feel like this drives me.”

The Roosters’ winger featured in the 2020 NRLW grand final which saw the Broncos celebrate a third straight title with a 20-10 result.

She hopes the Roosters can resurrect their opening two defeats with a win over Phoebe Desmond’s Newcastle Knights this Saturday.

“If I really wanted to achieve something, I am going to do it,” Meakes added when asked about her commitment to the Roosters.

“I feel really grateful towards my school, Scone Grammar, for allowing me to take this journey and they support me in everything.”