Legends gather for Gala night


The Singleton Golf Club held its Gala Night on Friday evening.

Those in attendance were captivated by the tales of the course shared not only by those special guests on the stage but also those seated on each table.

Club president Des George welcomed the crowd before Aunty Jean Hands was welcomed for the acknowledgement of country.

Leah Considine, Gary and Jenelle Edwards, Elizabeth and Roger Worms, Jodie Dunn, Murray Considine, Margaret Bagnall, Kehani Considine and Nathan Bagnall.

Club captain Murray Considine and vice-captain Alison Wyatt were then brought to the stage to share their experiences at the Golf Club.

All eyes were focussed on the stage when Gary Edwards interviewed 12-time club champion Roger Worms who had travelled down with his wife Elizabeth from Queensland.

Club president Des George reflected on the centenary with MC Alex Tigani.

“When I found out about the 100 years, I thought that it would be a great celebration but the golf club is more than just a person, it is about all the people that made it what it is,” Worms explained.

“I look out and see a lot of familiar faces but I think they are more friends than faces.”

Modern day legend Nathan Bagnall did not feel worthy to follow Worms on the stage when interviewed by MC Alex Tigani despite his club record of 14 A-Grade titles.

Club legends Nathan Bagnall and Roger Worms answered questions throughout the evening.

In one of the most memorable scenes, Bagnall was interrupted by a member of the crowd when he claimed he did not deserve to be in the same conservation as Worms.

“Yes you are mate,” Worms replied with a standing ovation.

Nathan Bagnall proposed a toast to the club’s volunteers.

The gala night concluded with a captain’s speech.

“Just imagine the hundreds of thousands of hours that have been put into this club to make it what it is today,” Considine declared.

Helen Castledine reunited with her fellow Foursomes champion Mark Walker who called the Singleton Golf Club home in the 1980s.

“We have to raise a glass to everyone one of those people in our club’s history and past members who live on in everybody’s memories.”