Scone in Running for National Tidy Towns Title


Back in March Scone was named NSW Tidy Towns Sustainable Community winner.

On April 27, the town will be assessed and on May 19 they will find out it they take out the National title.

No one could have been more surprised that they won the State award than the group’s president, Lynda Posa. The committee has only been in existence for three years and to have this huge accolade bestowed upon them was something none of members dreamed of.

Some of the members will travel to King Island in Tasmania to hear the results of the National assessment and as president, Lynda thanked the committee members and the broader Scone community for their support and enthusiasm for the idealism of Tidy Towns that encourages environmental initiatives, sustainability and sense of community.

Lynda says partnerships are key to community connection and says so much can be achieved by collaboration.

“As a collective we can all work together to achieve great community outcomes, small towns like Scone will move forward when groups such as Lions, Rotary, CWA and others join forces,” Lynda said.

Scone will be judged for the national Tidy Towns title on April 27 and for the first time, the New South Wales award winner will be judged electronically.

There will be a zoom meeting with the judge and Lynda was quick to thank fellow member Ian Judd who has helped bring the Scone presentation together.

“Ian has a wealth of knowledge, is extremely enthusiastic and makes things happen,” Lynda said.

Judging usually involves an eight-hour visit to the State winner so the assessor can see the projects and experience the community first-hand, but Lynda said she understands the change.

“We were so overwhelmed that Scone won given we are quite novice to the process and given the outcomes of the pandemic, this sort of change is becoming the norm,” she said.

In the meantime, Scone should be proud of its state title and let’s see what the results bring.