Students Set to Rock You


For the first time in years, Muswellbrook High School is putting on a musical, one that is set to rock.

“We Will Rock You is a musical set in a future dystopian world, all music has been erased and commercialized, so it’s very reproduced and auto tuned and it has no soul as one of the characters say,” Phoebe Wolfgang, who plays Scar A Moosh, shared.

“All the music is by Queen, so the music is an amazing centrepiece of the show and that’s really where most of the energy comes from.”

Phoebe added that it is a bit corny, but overall, a lot of fun.

Riley Jeans is in year 8 and doesn’t do any drama classes but wanted to give it a shot and landed the role of Brit.

“We’ve put lots of hard work and dedication into this, teachers spent hours upon hours organizing things, everyone has practiced their singing, the songs are sounding so good. We’ve just had a weekend rehearsal and the acting the songs stage presents, it’s amazing,” he shared before the school holidays started.

We Will Rock You truly is a whole school production, with art students involved with set design and other classes brought in to help with all aspects of the show.

The production will run at the Muswellbrook High School Multi Purpose Centre from May 4 to 6, with evening shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a daytime show on Saturday as well.

Tickets are currently available from, or by scanning the QR code on any of the posters.