BigLap4PTSD Visits Singleton


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not something often discussed, especially amongst military personnel.

BigLap4PTSD hopes to raise awareness of the causes and effects of PTSD, encourage those suffering to reach out for help, as well as to educate on the development of well-researched and tailored mental health services and programs through workshops given at their stops along their ride.

Presenter Mark Burnett though currently working East Gippsland Shire Council, served 11 years in the Royal Engineers.

Throughout his time serving, Mark developed complex PTSD, which he didn’t realise until a 2018 breakdown which led to his formal diagnosis.

Mark was motivated to do something to help people understand PTSD when he on a motorbike ride for his daughter’s birthday, meeting two military mates along the way who when they discussed their experiences, realising the similarities.

BigLap4PTSD started their ride in Seymour, Victoria on the 26 April, but visited Singleton at the Singleton Diggers Club recently, assisted by Pete Miller who served in the RAAF for 33 years, sharing their lived experiences with PTSD in hopes to help others, educating and encouraging those suffering to seek help.

BigLap4PTSD will continue their ride, heading to Ipswich, Queensland next.

If you’d like to access their resources or support their cause, head to