June 16, 2024 4:54 AM

Opening up opportunities


While their official opening may have been put on hold, the Ochre Opportunity Hub Muswellbrook office is ready to help the community.

The Ochre Opportunity Hub opened in Muswellbrook last October offering their services to assist indigenous students at school and once they leave.

“We are a government organisation who works with indigenous students in the community, to get our senior students into apprenticeships, traineeships, career paths and if they choose to do further study then we help them with that,” Raylene Price the Ochre Opportunity Hub’s program coordinator said.

Another key element to the Ochre Opportunity Hub is the in-school activities they run with project mentor Jacob Ellis.

A former Muswellbrook High School student himself, Mr Ellis was fortunate enough to link up with other indigenous students and leaders while at school and learn about Aboriginal culture and history.

In his current position he attends regular sessions with students to share what he has learnt and help them set personal and career goals.

“In primary schools I work with all students, in High Schools I work with just indigenous students in group mentoring sessions.

“The Hub is based on getting people jobs, pushing them in the right direction, getting them into courses or into Uni.

“It is all about letting them know that people care about them.”

One of the ways they support the youth is by helping organise courses like white cards, RSA and first aid certificates.

Once current restrictions are eased the Ochre Opportunity Hub will operate a homework centre where students can drop in and focus on their work with all the tools they need such as internet and laptops available.

The centre has an open door policy to their office at shop 6, 30-34 Brook Street, and encourage anyone who would like some support, or even just a chat, to pop in.