June 22, 2024 10:18 PM

Shade plea from Jerrys



The original request six years ago from the people of Jerrys Plains was for a shade sail over the playground in the local park.

It is a popular area and the nearby tennis club and hall regularly hosts social gatherings and birthday parties.  The park is an obvious place where the children like to play.

The problem is the playground is too hot during summer.

The need for the shade sale has been brought to Singleton Council’s attention on numerous occasions and father of two, David Carter, says the request continues to fall on deaf ears.

Fellow local and local school P & C president Julie Gray, agrees.

ROAD ISSUES:  Susan McCartney returning her garbage bin from the roadside, a chore for those who draw the short straw in her household.

“We have seen that Broke and Bulga received playground upgrades complete with shade sails and that’s good for those areas but when the big playground went up in Townhead Park with shade sails, that’s when we felt really let down, like the poor church mice,” Julie said.

Mr Carter said Council had told him that the playground itself was due for an upgrade but that residents were happy with how it was but they just needed some shade.

“It is the only playground we have out here and the kids can’t play on it, it just gets too hot in summer,” Mr Carter said.

Cr Val Scott raised the issues of Jerrys Plains during council’s consideration of its annual operational plan meeting last month and the fact there was nothing in the budget for that village.

Cr Scott voted against supporting the budget.  Among the reasons were the lack of projects for Jerrys Plains.

While the shade sail, estimated to cost around $11,000 is a priority, those gathered at the park to discuss their issues raised other concerns that they believe needed to be addressed.

Residents want a pedestrian crossing on the highway through the centre of town to allow school children a safe crossing.  They also want a bus shelter with seating.

A sign at the village entrance to let the hundreds of drivers who pass through the village every day know they are actually driving through Jerrys Plains would also be appreciated.

And don’t get them started on the local road situation.

Susan McCartney lives along Redmondvale Road.  It is a 25 minute job to walk her garbage bins to the nearby intersection because the road is so badly deteriorated and the garbage truck can’t handle the potholes.  She has been told the dirt road is on Crown Land and it is not Council’s responsibility and that ‘it is not in the community’s best interest’ to maintain it.

An occasional grade of the road surface would be very much appreciated.

The five families that live along Piribil Street have similar problems.

But for now, they just want a shade sail.

*This story was published on Friday, July 3 2020.