June 22, 2024 10:29 PM

Tears for Those We Love


The image on our front page today is the floral memorial laid from a gathering of club members at the grounds on Tuesday evening.

By Di Sneddon

No words can express the enormous sadness that has engulfed Singleton with the tragic news of the massive loss of life from Sunday’s bus crash.
Ten people died, seven from Singleton, and those who survived have sustained physical and emotional
injuries that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.
There is no need for The Hunter River Times to list names or plaster photographs of the faces of these beautiful people across our pages. There have been plenty of other media outlets that are
doing that but as all our readers know, we do things a little differently.
We all know who they are, everyone has a connection in some way and are feeling the grief that involved many members of Singleton Roosters AFL Club.
This welcoming, wonderful, family club has been struck to its knees and members are rallying together to support one another through their grief.
It is devastating for everyone.
Singleton is a tight-knit community and we support and pull together when asked to do so but this is beyond any tragedy anyone could imagine. The broader AFL community is shattered and members are
receiving words of support and comfort from across the country from not only family and friends, but the great lovers of the game.
In just 24 hours a Gofundme page raised in excess of $106,000. Those wanting to make a donation to provide benevolent relief and support to survivors, victims and their immediate families are
directed to go to
It will be a very long time before anyone starts their road to recovery.
A public memorial service is being planned and we will release details to the community as soon as the date is confirmed.
If we can possibly learn anything from this tragedy, it is to never dismiss the chance to tell people you love them. In an instant life can change forever and in this case, it has for so many.