One Month Before We All Vote

Today, Thursday, the ballot draw from Muswellbrook, Singleton and Upper Hunter Local Government Elections were held at the Returning Office in Muswellbrook.

*Full results of the draw at the bottom of this article*

Muswellbrook was drawn first, with returning councillor Jennifer Lecky top of the card, followed by newcomers De-Anne Douglas and Darryl Marshell.

Singleton Mayoral vote was the next draw, with Sure Moore taking the top spot on that card, and in the councillor ballot draw Godfry Adamthwaite was first, followed by Sure Moore and Hollee Jenkins.

Upper Hunter Shire was the third and final draw for the day and it saw Sue Abbott picked first, followed by Allison McPhee and Adam Williamson.

Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter voters will vote for their preferred councillors and these elected councillors will vote for the mayor and deputy mayor at their first meeting.

Election day is December 4, having been postponed twice, first in September 2020 and again in September 2021.

Pre-polling will begin on November 11 with venues at Singleton Youth Venue, Muswellbrook Indoor Sports Centre, Merriwa School of Arts and Upper Hunter Shire Council offices in both Murrurundi and Scone.

Among the covid changes will be the manner in which ‘how to vote’ leaflets are handed out by the candidates and their supporters at polling places.  They must be at least 100m away from the venues and this distance is likely to result in the absence of this practice because of the limitations to connect with voters as they walk through polling doors.

Our next edition aims to feature a profile on each of the candidates.


  1. Jennifer Lecky (Muscle Creek)
  2. De-anne Douglas (Muswellbrook)
  3. Darryl Marshall (Muswellbrook)
  4. Graeme McNeill (Muswellbrook)
  5. Malcolm Ogg (Muswellbrook)
  6. Steve Reynolds (Muswellbrook)
  7. Mark Bowditch (Muswellbrook)
  8. Jacinta Ledlin (Sandy Hollow)
  9. Amanda Barry (Denman)
  10. Stephen Ward (Denman)
  11. Louise Dunn (Muswellbrook)
  12. Janelle Eades (Muswellbrook)
  13. Jonathan Hoad (Muswellbrook)
  14. Rod Scholes (Muswellbrook)
  15. Brett Woodruff (Denman)
  16. Jeff Drayton (Denman)
  17. Rohit Mahajan (Muswellbrook)


  1. Sue Moore
  2. Danny Thompson
  3. Tony Jarrett
  4. Belinda Charlton


  1. Godfrey Adamthwaite
  2. Sue Moore
  3. Hollee Jenkins
  4. Sue George
  5. Danny Thompson
  6. Tony McNamara
  7. Belinda Charlton
  8. John Martin
  9. Sarah Johnstone
  10. Calvin Debeuts
  11. Melinda McLachlan
  12. Kay Sullivan
  13. Tony Jarrett
  14. Andrew Clifton
  15. Valerie Scott


  1. Susan Abbott (Moobi)
  2. Allison McPhee (Scone)
  3. Adam Williamson (Moobi)
  4. Belinda McKenzie (Scone)
  5. Patricia Taylor (Moonan Flat)
  6. Tayah Clout (Kars Springs)
  7. Christopher North (Moobi)
  8. Lee Watts (Scone)
  9. Ronald Campbell (Merriwa)
  10. Elizabeth Flaherty (Scone)
  11. Maurice Collison (Woolooma)
  12. James Burns (Scone)