June 16, 2024 9:58 PM

Katrina Household (Beautiful People)


Every fortnight The Hunter River Times intends to thank a member of our community for their kindness and care.

Our first recipient is Katrina Household, owner of the popular All 4 You clothing boutique that will shut its doors soon.

During the past seven years Katrina has assisted her customers to feel beautiful inside and out from her shop’s John Street location.

“I’ve had so many ladies come in and say they hate getting dressed up or that they could never wear this or that, but I say to them you do feel beautiful in nice clothes,” Katrina said.

“I’ve had women who have cried in outfits because they feel beautiful and are so happy and that makes me happy, I can’t explain it.

“So many people have image problems and I just say we are all different and I have tried to help them all.”

Her decision to close didn’t come easily but having to close during Covid combined with the ongoing demand of operating a small retail business made her think about her future.

“I said to my husband, if someone gives me a job I’ll take it,” Katrina said.

That job came in the form of bus driving and if there is one thing for sure, those school kids will be exposed to musical theatre songs like no other bus passengers in the world.

You see, Katrina is a long-term member of Singleton Theatrical Society, something she just loves and she thanks good friend Jan Cox for introducing her to the stage 15 years ago.

Her first performance was in Jesus Christ Superstar and after that she was hooked.

“I love it and I must say SATS do a highly professional show, we just don’t get paid for it,” she laughed.

It must also be said that Katrina has worked in the aged care sector for the past 14 years, something she loves as much as those she cares for love her.

So here’s to the best for the future Katrina, a beautiful person.  Enjoy your bouquet and thank you for being the beautiful caring person that you are.

*This story was published on Friday, July 3 2020.