June 15, 2024 3:36 AM

Mitchell Prepares for 2024 Jiangman International Futsal Cup


Mitchell Brown, centre, on the futsal court. (Photo supplied by Northern NSW Futsal)

Cessnock’s Mitchell Brown’s journey in Futsal is a story of passion, skill, and dedication. His love for the game began in primary school, inspired by his family and the fast-paced nature of Futsal.

“I first kicked a Futsal ball when I was in the under 10s, following my older brother Mathew’s footsteps,” Mitchell reflects.

Now, he’s a standout player for the Northern NSW team, making waves in Futsal tournaments both locally and internationally.

His recent selection for the 18 boys Australian Futsal Team will see Mitchell travel to Jiangmen, China to compete in the 2024 Jiangmen International Futsal Cup in July.

“I was watching the live stream presentation from Penrith at home, and after hearing the first five names, they announced ‘Mitchell Brown.’ I just sat there for a moment before saying, That’s my name!” Mitchell recalls with excitement.

This selection is more than a personal triumph; it represents a step toward international competition.

“Playing in China is a major focus now, and showcasing what we all work so hard for,” Mitchell said.

He is particularly excited about the upcoming trip and the unique experiences China will bring, travelling with his dad, Simon.

Sharing his inspirations, Mitchell added his coaches have been a huge influence, especially Nathan Baker from the men’s NSW team.

His journey has been a testament to his love for the game, balancing soccer commitments with the Lambton Jaffas and excelling in Futsal competitions across Newcastle, the Central Coast, and beyond.

Despite facing challenges with limited access to training facilities, where his team often competes for space in multi-court centres alongside sports like basketball, Mitchell and his team persist.

Melissa, Mitchell’s mother, shares the struggle.

“A purpose-built Futsal centre would be a game-changer for us. We could train and play all year round rather than coming together only six-weeks before the competition.”

As he prepares for China and with the backing of his family, sponsors, and the continual growth of Futsal in the region, Mitchell is not just pursuing his dreams; he’s setting the stage for the next generation of players to dream bigger and aim higher.

For those inspired by Mitchell’s journey or interested in getting involved in Futsal, further information is available on the Northern NSW Futsal website and their Facebook page.

-Nerrin Warr